• Service

    We strive to deliver legendary customer service all day, every day for our retail and wholesale customers.

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  • Subscriptions

    Never run out of coffee again!
    Coffee delivered straight to your door

    Set up a coffee subscription, a must for all home and business coffee drinkers! 

    For more information on our subscription service, click here.

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  • Quality

    All our coffees are manually roasted and computer profiled to maximise flavour, freshness and consistency.
    We are committed to creating amazing high quality specialty coffee time after time.
    Every bag of coffee is sold at optimal freshness so you can enjoy your coffee at its peak.

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  • Respect

    Respect the environment, the farmers and the bean.  Without a healthy environment and profitable farms there will be no coffee.
    Our coffees are ethically sourced with a focus on sustainability and traceability.
    It’s one hell of a journey from crop to cup.

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We are passionate about our coffee.

River City Coffee Roasters has grown from a lifelong passion for great coffee. Our desire to improve and perfect every batch will never waiver and we invite you to come on this journey with us.
Let us help you get the best from your brewing equipment.

Passionate Cafe and Business Owners. We want you!

If you share our passion for creating and serving amazing coffee and would like to discover more about a coffee partnership with us, then we should have a chat over a brew.

Find out more here- 

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